It may be surprising for you, but fall/winter skincare and makeup products are different. The reason is simple. During winters, you need to use brightening and hydrating products and ensure that your skin remains protected from the harsh weather.

If you have been experiencing ruined skin, lips, and hair because you continue to use the same regime all year round, then this is the time to make drastic changes. Opt for the fall makeup items listed below so that you can stay stress-free about any damage incurred on your skin.

BEIESA Vegan Glam Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadow

BEIESA Vegan Glam Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadow is a vegan and long-lasting eye shadow that is not just waterproof but also sweat and smudge-proof. The color of the pigment is so intense that you will want to use it every day with everything you wear! When using, make sure you apply it to clean and moisturized skin so that the product can last a long time.

Apply one coat on the eyelash line and then the center of the lid. Then using a firm brush, tap the edges so that the eyeshadow is properly blended. You can put the eyeshadow on its own or apply liquid eyeliner to improve the look.

MGS Accessories Cocoa Swirl Palette

No matter what kind of look you want to create, from high-end glamor to muted day look, you can do so with the MGS Accessories Cocoa Swirl Palette. You can play with any color and come up with combinations that you love the most; the choice is all yours! The glimmering, matte looks are now super easy for you.

It is a crease-free eyeshadow color palette that can stay on your lids the whole day. The rich and high-quality eyeshadows are everything that you need for this fall party season. The large mirror on the palette lets you come up with dramatic looks anywhere, anytime.

Lord & Berry NEVER TOO MUCH Waterproof Mascara

Are you looking for a long-lasting mascara that stays on your lashes and doesn’t land on your face? Then Lord & Berry Never Too Much Waterproof Mascara is what you should opt for. If you apply it during the daytime meeting/class, it is bound to last for your small party with friends at night. To build it up, you can easily apply another coat to give it a more dramatic look.

The mascara comes with a dual brush, which has two kinds of brushes combined in one. This way, it is guaranteed that the application is perfect from the first stroke. The mascara also contains jojoba oil, hydrogenated olive oil, sunflower seed wax, acacia decurrens flower wax, and carnauba wax, which all come together to strengthen the lashes and help them stay strong and beautiful.

Take Two Cosmetics Send Nudes Loose Glitter Gift Set

This fall season, the Take Two Cosmetics Send Nudes Loose Glitter Gift Set is ideal for you. The nine stunning shades are something to die for. This rusty collection is a must-have for all makeup artists because it allows them to create nude heaven. Shades include Medusa, Treacle, Dreamer, Champagne Papi, Pharoah’s Throne, Milkyway, Midnight, Fashionista & Cocoa.

You can press the glitter on your eyeshadows, but the best results come when you apply the glitter shades to a glitter primer. It would reduce fall out and will enhance the color even more.

Rossario George RG Matte Magic Lipstick

In an effort to give a matte effect, most lipsticks these days have lost their creaminess, which is what makes the lips dry, cracked, and peeling. Rossario George RG Matte Magic Lipsticks are the exact opposite.

The super creamy formula boasts a melting effect and gives you rich and enhanced color on your lips for a long day. There is no shine but a completely matte finish. With the beautiful color, your lips will feel moisturized and conditioned all day long.

Take Two Cosmetics Game Changer Loose Highlighter Set

You can’t go wrong with glamorous cheeks this season using bright highlights. These loose highlighter powders from Take Two Cosmetics Game Changer Highlight Set are perfect for just the right glow! Not only can you use it on your cheek, but also the high arch of your eyebrows, the bridge of your nose, the high planes of your forehead, and your chin.

The glittering effect it will create will dazzle everyone around you! These shades are best suited for people with olive to darker skin tones.

Eleman Beauty Paris Matte Liquid Lipstick

In search of a matte liquid lipstick that does not damage your lips by causing dryness and peeling? Eleman Beauty Paris Matte Liquid Lipstick gives you just that. It leaves your lips soft to the touch so that no matter where you are, you will feel that your lips are shining bright with just the right touch of lipstick.

These liquid lipsticks are scented with peaches and cream so that there is no artificial odor. The high-quality formula lasts long and gives a creamy velvet feel. It is infused with vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients so that your lips never dry out, crack, or bleed.

Beauty BLVD Stardust – Space Cadet

Get experimental with face, body, and hair glitter with Beauty BLVD Stardust in Space Cadet. This is an all-in-one glitter to play with this season. You can spread it and smear it anywhere you like and watch how you glow. The kit contains stardust binding gel, cosmetic grade glitter mix, along with an applicator brush.

Start by applying the stardust binding gel first, followed by the stardust cosmetic glitter with the applicator brush. You can use a single layer or heap on more for any kind of effect that you might want to create. Just make sure you keep the glitter away from your eyes.