While women often experiment with a wide variety of lip colors, and are quick to try out shadows of all hues, some ladies may be more apprehensive about donning different shades of blush, often sticking with a pink-toned powder. While rosy cheeks are delightful, why not try an earthy color.

At a recent event in London, beauty icon Kate Moss sported some seriously refreshing makeup. Instead of rocking a rose-colored blush, the British model wore a tawny shade that boasted brown undertones. And, according to InStyle.com, bronze-colored blush is a perfect choice for the current season.

“The color works to both contour and sculpt your features and warm up your skintone in the cooler winter months,” the news source reported.

Ladies who want to try out this hue should select a formula that is super sheer – you don’t want to look like you had an unfortunate run-in with a bottle of self-tanner. Additionally, a powder with a bit of shimmer can help to illuminate your complexion on the dreariest winter days.

Pair the blush with minimal eye makeup and a warm-toned lip gloss, as cool shades will clash with your cheek color, and you’re sure to look hot even when it’s cold outside

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