October 14, 2011

Root Camouflage

There’s nothing worse than having obvious roots show up way before the day you booked your next salon appointment. Whether they’re darker or lighter, nothing says “this color isn’t natural” like a scalp full of roots. But don’t worry, there are ways to camouflage them. Here are a few tips from Allure magazine.

1. Try a braid. They’re everywhere lately, so you won’t feel out of place. The braids will bring together all of the colors of your hair, so try one along your hairline or twist sections on either side of your part.

2. Get tons of volume. Rather than slicking your hair into a ponytail, rough it up with teasing and some Jack Black – Body Building Hair Gel. Teasing the roots will push them closer to your scalp and plenty of texture will steal the spotlight.

3. Don’t go with your standard part. Rather than using a comb for a straight line, let your hair fall naturally. A messy part won’t show your roots.

4. Try an at-home cover-up. A tiny root dye job shouldn’t be hard to pull off yourself as long as you feel comfortable. Use a protecting shampoo afterward, like Leonor Greyl – Bain Vitalisant B (For thin, dry, colored, sensitive hair).

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