While some women view manicures as a luxurious pleasure for special occasions, other women regard the treatment as a necessity of their beauty routine. And while the process can take up to an hour, it only takes a second to smudge, chip or crack the perfect polish.

Luckily, damaged lacquer doesn’t have send you searching for acetone remover to demolish your entire manicure. With a few expert tips, common nail gaffes can be instantly fixed.

“If you get a ripple in polish that’s not quite dry, dip the tip of another finger in remover and lightly rub it on the area in a circular motion,” manicurist Tom Bachik writes in Allure magazine. “This softens the polish and evens it out.” Once the lacquer is smooth, apply a topcoat over the entire nail.

Once nails dry, however, they are susceptible to chips. To fix a nick, Bachik suggests filling in the spot with a small drop of matching color and letting it dry for a few minutes. After the lacquer is tacky, take the same steps recommended for fixing a ripple in the polish.

Finally, if you break a nail, the manicure can be saved by using a file with a fine grit to smooth the tear. Bachik warns against using nail clippers, as the pressure can cause polish to separate.

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