Kristen Stewart is known for her vampy style both on and off the silver screen, but when it comes to recreating the enigmatic “Twilight” star’s sensational look, it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

Stewart, who has also appeared in blockbusters like “Snow White and The Huntsman” and “The Runways,” arrived at the Hollywood, California, screening for “On the Road” in a clever, eye-catching ensemble. But what really turned heads were her bold red lips and smooth, blemish-free complexion!

If you want to capture some of Stewart’s sultry appeal – not to mention a certain tall, dark and handsome hottie – start by using a rich, shea butter-infused lipstick in a deep burgundy shade. This will add a vivid burst of juicy color to your smacker and give him something he can really sink his lips into.

For flawless and spot-free skin like Stewart, you’ll need a lightweight, tint-free moisturizer that can brighten up your complexion daily. Blends that feature UV protection are a terrific choice, especially for creatures of the night like you and your hunk!