As fall sets in and winter looms on the horizon, the days are getting shorter. This means that you may find yourself having to wake up when it’s still dark out, which is never fun. Instead of getting up early to give yourself plenty of time to do your hair, use these tips, courtesy of Allure magazine, to get awesome hair that you can practically wake up to.

For beachy waves, all you have to do is shower at night, apply a product like Leonor Greyl – Algues Et Fleurs (Curl Enhancer), then part your hair in the center and create one or two braids, depending on how tight or loose you want the waves to be. When you wake up, take the braids out and use a bit of texturizing spray to scrunch your strands. Easy!

To make a blowout last for days, just use a dry shampoo before bed each night and create two buns on either side of your head. Use pins or something other than ponytail holders to get a crease-free look.

If you absolutely have to dry your hair in the morning, skip flat ironing afterwards if you normally do by using a straightening and anti-frizz product, like Leonor Greyl – Serum de Soie Sublimateur (Anti-frizz), which will cut down on styling time.

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