There’s nothing like heading to the spa for a much-needed relaxation and beautifying session, but not everyone has the cash to do so. If you could use some serious pampering, it’s easy to give yourself the spa treatment without hurting your bank account. Here’s what Cosmopolitan magazine suggests.

1. Pick up a face mask. A good body mask will energize and nourish your complexion while unclogging pores and eliminating dead skin cells.

2. Give yourself a wax treatment. If you use a product with professional-grade wax, you should get spa results at home as long as you carefully follow the directions.

3. Fix up your brows. To avoid plucking too much, use an Eyebrow Stencil to achieve the perfect shape. Keep in mind that bold brows are trendy.

4. Jazz up your manicure. After you soak your nails and tidy up your cuticles, give them a fresh paint job. The same goes for your toes!

5. Get a massage. Whether you ask your man or a friend to help, you’ll need someone to help you with this step. Essential oils or body lotion can make this a hydrating process.

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