September 8, 2015

Spotlight on Lab Series

Since 1987, Lab Series has been formulating and creating products specifically with men in mind. From gentle and effective cleansers to moisturizers that go the extra mile, Lab Series has a man’s skin covered. Lab Series features products with high technology and innovation in order to take a man’s skin care routine up a notch and target any problem areas.

Lab Series recognizes that men have different skin care needs than women, especially since a man may shave his face. Razor burn may be an issue a man experiences during his skin care routine, which is why Lab Series has products to address this. Oil control, effective SPF, and anti-aging products are also on the skin care menu at Lab Series.

The Electric Shave Solution is an innovative product that helps a razor glide across a man’s skin, eliminating razor burns for men who use electric shavers, which this product is specifically formulated for. A concentrated liquid solution makes up this product, and it forms a protective barrier for the skin, eliminating the possibility of a razor burn. It also leaves the skin feeling soft, supple, and refreshed.

Men’s skin care should be composed of anti-aging ingredients, just as many skin care lines targeted toward women are comprised of. Lab Series doesn’t miss a step in their skin care products and adds excellent sources of sun protection into some of their daytime moisturizers. The best-selling Daily Moisture Defense Lotion contains SPF 15 and is loaded with antioxidants to protect skin from environmental damage.

Many of Lab Series products have been recognized by beauty editors and have won awards, such as the MAX LS AGE-LESS Power V Lifting Cream. This innovative cream has been recognized for its ability to boost the moisture level of skin, restoring even the driest of skin to balanced, supple skin. When paired with MAX LS Overnight Renewal Serum, the results are even better. Layering skin care products is an effective way of getting the most out of a skin care routine. Serums are lightweight and sink into the skin with ease, while a moisturizer on top helps to seal in the nourishing ingredients and serve as a protective barrier against the sun and other environmental pollutants.

The Pro LS All In One Face Treatment streamlines a man’s skin care routine by providing one product that serves a number of functions, just like the name implies. This product works to moisturize the skin while sending antioxidants and other restorative ingredients into the skin in order to treat fine lines and sun damage. While doing all of this, it also absorbs excess oil on the skin — a truly triple threat product.

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