Spring is all about flowers, Easter and subtle colors. When it comes to makeup, spring looks are all about keeping it fresh and natural. From dewy skin to shimmery eye makeup, spring gives us a chance to embrace our natural beauty. As the days get hotter, most of us ditch matte lipsticks and heavy foundation, and rightly so.

To help you try the perfect makeup trends this season, we’ve featured some of the best products, so you get every look right. Keep reading to learn how to achieve the flawless springtime makeup look!

Lord & Berry Gloss On – Smoothie

The spring season’s dewy makeup brings out your inner glow. Ditch the dark and matte lips and stick to a subtle gloss instead. The Lord & Berry Gloss On in the shade “smoothie” is perfect for springtime. It is a light pink color that compliments every skin tone. Not only does it give your lips a slight pop of color, but it also has a luscious glossy finish. This lip gloss formula nourishes your lips and keeps dryness at bay.

This lipgloss is paraben free and made with hydrating ingredients like castor oil. Use this gloss for the perfect glowy spring look. This lightweight lipgloss is one of the best makeup buys this season. You can use it as it is or as a topper for your favorite lipstick. It also has a delicious scent that will make your lips look extra kissable!

Loami Nails – Mauve-elous

Need inspiration for the perfect nails this season? When spring rolls around, lighter colors like mauve and shorter, glossy nails work best. The Laomi Nails Mauve-elous press-on manicure kit has everything you need for perfect nails on the go. It comes with 24 biodegradable squoval nails in different sizes. Use the provided glue to attach them on top of your nails. This kit also includes a multi-tool to help buff and polish your nails for flawless application.

The best thing about this press-on nail kit is that it is biodegradable. They are turned into loam in landfills, leaving no trace of microplastics. What’s even cooler is that they are effortless to apply. No more rushing to the salon at the last moment. You can use these press-ons within minutes and have a gorgeous spring-ready manicure. This kit comes with a compact cardboard box for storing and carrying. 

Perricone MD – No Makeup Foundation Serum

While a matte foundation is a good option in winter, it may feel heavy on the face during springtime. Switch your foundation for the No Makeup Foundation Serum by Perricone MD this spring. This buildable serum foundation is available in eight shades. Whether you use a little or a lot, it gives you flawless semi-matte coverage. You get the smooth base without any of the cakiness. What’s more, is that this lightweight serum is loaded with fantastic skin-benefitting ingredients.

It includes daisy flower extract that helps get rid of hyperpigmentation. You also get SPF 20 sun protection with this no-foundation serum. Get an even skin tone while keeping your skin protected from free radicals. Last but not least, this serum foundation can also help you achieve the no-makeup look, which is perfect for spring.

Give Them Lala Beauty – Birthday Palette 

Flaunt gorgeous pastel colors like pinks and yellows that set the perfect mood for this season’s glam-up. The Give Them Lala Beauty Birthday Palette is the perfect pick. It combines all those lovely colors to help you achieve gorgeous springtime eye looks. It includes nine stunning shades, including aqua and coral. Each shade has a buttery finish and glides easily onto your lids. 

Use it for pretty cut creases or just a simple one-color look. You can always experiment with a graphic liner to carry a bolder eye look or stick to your regular winged liner for an eye look that looks amazing during the day. 

Jazmine Beauty – Coastin’ Illuminating Highlighter 

You definitely need to add a highlighter to your spring makeup stash to achieve a natural glowy look. The Jazmine Beauty Coastin’ Illuminating Highlighter is a limited edition with a buildable formula, so you can use as much or as little as you like. It is also lightweight and the perfect addition to a natural makeup look. This highlighter contains camellia flower extract rich in vitamins A and E. Camellia flower extract helps soften the skin while giving it a more hydrated look.

This illuminating highlighter also contains other nourishing ingredients like safflower oil and white tea. Besides benefitting your skin in multiple ways, it gives your skin the perfect sun-kissed glow. Use on areas like your cheekbones, brow bone, eyes and Cupid’s bow for best results.

Mirenesse Cosmetics – Brow Kit Multishade

Filling in your brows can help them look fuller and prettier. But many brow products are messy and don’t yield great results. The Mirenesse Cosmetics Brow Kit Multishade has everything you need for bold and chic-looking brows. It contains a multi-shade brow express that you can use to fill in your eyebrows. The brow express is in a universal shade with a narrow tip to create precise strokes. It also has a brush to neat everything up.

After filling in your eyebrows, use the concealer crayon to highlight and lift. It has two-sized crayons to add precision. This versatile brow kit can also be used for blemishes, eyeliner and more!