Both girls and guys have fallen victim to the sticky lip gloss. Whether it’s trapped your hair, made your guy cringe or just feels really yucky when you put your lips together, there’s nothing more annoying. Unfortunately, many of the best-looking glosses have a less-than-favorable formula that doesn’t do the texture of your natural lips justice.

Luckily, there is a secret for making your favorite sticky gloss less tacky. recommends running an ice cube over your glosses lips to smooth out the application and get rid of some of the goop. It’s worth trying out.

If you’d rather not go there, there are plenty of lip gloss options that won’t gross you out with their texture. Jane Iredale – PureGloss has a non-sticky formula that conditions your lips and looks great to boot. Paula Dorf – Lip Slides are another great option, which features a lightweight formula with plenty of nourishing avocado and jojoba oils. You’ll never have to worry about a sticky pout again!

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