No matter how much you like emphasizing you eyes or creating a sun-kissed flow, the next time you are getting ready for a first date, you may want to play up your pout.

According to the Daily Mail, a new study by researchers at Manchester University found that during the first 10 seconds of meeting a woman, men will spend most of the time looking at her mouth. Additionally, lip color had a bigger effect on levels of attraction than lip shape.

“For centuries, women have painted their lips red to enhance their appeal,” said Dr. Geoff Beattie, who led the study. “Our research suggests that red lips and perceived attractiveness are still inextricably linked, with red lipstick the most powerful attractor, and one that significantly increases visual fixation.”

For an attention grabbing smile, condition your pout with a hydrating balm to smooth any cracks or flakes. Line your lips with a pencil that matches your natural lip color, tracing ever-so-slightly outside your lip line. Color in your pout completely to provide a solid base for your lip color.

Select a red lipstick with blue undertones, as the cool shade will make your teeth appear whiter. When working with a bold color, mistakes are especially noticeable, so apply a creamy formula with a lip brush for maximum control.

Check out Lipstick Queen for more daring colors like blood red or brick red lipsticks.

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