Now that it’s warm, it’s prime time for presenting your freshest face to the world, not for appearing oily or shiny because you put on sunscreen to, you know, take care of your body. If you’re wondering whether there’s a happy medium between exposing yourself to the elements and looking like a reflective surface all summer long, rest assured that there are ways to look gorgeous and stay healthy all at the same time.

According to Cosmopolitan, you can help prevent a shiny finish by taking a few preventative steps in the morning. Try to wash your face, apply a mattifying toner and opt for a moisturizer-sunscreen combo, since, generally speaking, the less products you’ve got on your face, the less shine you’ll ultimately end up with. Blotting your skin after the lotion absorbs and setting it with translucent powder will help ward off any unwelcome gleam.

Of course, choosing your products wisely is always a safe bet as well. Look for oil-free formulas designed especially for the face. If you need an added extra boost of protection, investing in a oil-controlling facial serum may be a slick move on your part.

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