Tanning has never been made this easy – with spring already here and summer almost around the corner, it is time to get that beach body. Stay home and use one of these wonderful products to get your own customised tan.

Why not get the natural tan, you may ask? The hide and seek game the sun is playing won’t help us a lot in getting the perfect tan and sunbathing or tanning beds are not always best for our bodies. Exposing yourself directly to ultraviolet rays and radiation is a major cause of skin cancer; burns, premature aging, rashes and irritation are few of the many ways these tanning methods can harm you.

Due to these reasons, we have decided to bring you a couple of safe and easy ways for tanning so that everyone will swoon over you without the need to even hit the beach or the tanning clinic.

Vita Liberata

If you haven’t heard of Vita Liberata yet then you have deprived your body of a long-lasting tan! Yes, a 2 to 3 weeks long tan is possible, thanks to Vita Liberata’s products who have celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding as their fans.

Created in 2007, this Irish descendant brand joined the tanning world as the first ever odourless tan. With their innovative and unique technology of Odour Remove, Vita Liberata has taken the cosmetic world by a storm – showering us with new, natural and amazing products since its inception. It is the most popular brand in the world famous spas and all its tans are toxic-free making it useable for people from diverse background.

All it’s tanning products are formulated in a way that not only gives you a gorgeous tan but also acts as a skin care treatment, giving your skin the basic nutrients it needs to stay fresh and glowing.

Hero Product: Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse Fair

A great head start to getting a gloriously tanned skin that lasts for 2-3 weeks, 4 times longer than a regular tan. It comprises of all the features that are popular in Vita Liberata products; odourless, light, airy, instantly dry, created from pHen02 technology and super easy to use.

Million Dollar Tan

If you are not already rushing to buy products from this brand after reading that name, then I don’t think you are really into tanning!

Anything that has million dollar in it is definitely going to be phenomenal especially when it has been created by a Southern California girl who knows the importance of nice tan. Lindsay Dickhout founded Million Dollar Tan straight after college and had a criteria checklist to make it the perfect product for sunless tanning. It had to be natural looking, water based, wouldn’t clog pores, non-sticky, instant dry, great odour and lasted for at least a week. Now, if that’s not a million dollar product, I don’t know what is.

Hero Product: Mermaid Mousse Body

With a chic and feminine bottle, this mermaid mousse will make you feel like a tan princess. Luxurious, lightweight, easy application with a glamorous instant bronze colour is the best thing that you will come across for a long-time. It not only gives a mermaid-like tan but also takes care of your skin because of its botanical ingredients that are specifically aimed for skin nourishment. It has a silky and radiant finish which will let you fall in love with your skin.

Chocolate Sun

Bringing the world of nature, organics and handcraft together in each of their products, Chocolate Sun launched a product line which was completely handcrafted with natural and organic materials.

Protecting our skin by promoting and focusing on healthy ingredients, Chocolate Sun has brought a sunless tan solution to the market and since 2003, everyone has gone crazy about it. To add a cherry on top, the name itself is so yummy and attractive that one cannot resist their chocolaty yet healthy products.

Hero Product: Cocoa Glow Sunless Tanning Face & Body

This goddess-tan treatment is too-good-to-be-true but Chocolate Sun have turned all our dreams into reality with Cocoa Glow. With a treatment for different skin shades, this blend of wild herbs and organic botanicals along with shea butter, coconut oil and aloe fits with your skin texture like a missing piece of puzzle; perfect and complete.


The ultimate, sun-kissed look is just a mousse away, thanks to St.Tropez’s glorious products.

It is widely-recognized and one of the most popular brands in the industry, St.Tropez rids you from the smell of self-tans by formulating a nice, mood-boosting fragrance. With a variety of products like instant wash-off tans and long-lasting tans that blend with your natural skin tone, this renowned tanning brand is ruling everyone’s tan wardrobes.

Hero Product: One Night Only Finishing Gloss

The gloss sounds like a highlighter but believe me, it is more than that. An extremely light yet instant mega-watt glow, the one night only finishing gloss is an immediate wash-off tan which is easy on the pocket compared to the long-lasting tans. It is very easy to apply, achieves your desired shine effect by blending in with your skin and can be used to layer up your fading tan. To remove it, you simply have to wash it off with a soap and you are done! Simple yet glossy.


A team of very cool California people bought Coola to life – formulating a blend of ingredients to create a California-like tan which looks perfect under the shining sun. The goal of Coola is to ensure we enjoy every moment of our lives and their products make it easier because they not only focus on giving a tan but also work towards nourishing our skin. Their range of products include tanning sprays, sunscreen sprays and recovery lotions for any situation that involves the sun.

Hero Product: Rosilliance SPF 30 BB+ Cream Light-Medium

A skin-perfected tinted moisturiser accompanied with natural rose sweet scent boosts your natural glow and gives you a healthy-look. It not only protects your skin from the harsh rays of the sun but also gives you a younger-looking skin by minimising the signs of aging. It has a water resistant capability of 80 minutes, is vegan and is dermatologically tested. Hence, a perfect blend of everything we need to get safely tanned.

What are you waiting for? Bring out your tanning mitts!