When was the last time you shopped something for your gym bag? Did you just wonder why would I shop anything for my gym bag except for my workout clothes? You did, I heard you!

While you are busy in the gym, breaking a sweat, there’s an empty gym bag staring at you – craving for attention because it needs to be filled with gym essentials. Gym essentials are not only your workout clothes but include everything that will make you look flawless even after you sweat like a pig.

Chic Bottle

Rehydration is essential after a grueling session at the gym. But drinking water is never fun, is it? It could be, if you had a chic bottle at hand to go with.

bkr’s Bambi florescent sleeve bottle will compliment your gym look every day as it adds a pretty feminine touch to the hard core look of working out and keeps you motivated to drink as much water as you can. An extremely easy-to-carry bottle, it comes in different colours and design and is one of our most popular product. It takes up no space in your gym bag, however tiny your bag might be and is protected by a no-leak seal so you can stop worrying about any spills. Did we mention that celebrities love bkr too?

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Face Wipes

Very simple and easy-to-use superhero beauty product which gives you cleaner and oil-free skin after all the calories you have burnt.

Dermalogica – Precleanse Wipes are a refreshing set of wipes which purify your skin and remove all bacteria that might have gathered on your face after your workout. They should be your go-to product the second you finish your gym session because it reduces the chances of forming any breakout on your skin.

Each biodegradable wipe melts away layers of excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual products that build up on skin throughout the day. Their small packaging lets them to be tucked in the tiniest of bag give you no reason to forget them.


Are you one of those people who think deodorants are too old school? Since the launch of body sprays and body mists, deodorants have become extinct. Only smart people have continued to use them and if you want to join the list of those smart people then you have stopped at the right place.

Deodorants are long-lasting as they deal with sweat rather than odour, which is what body sprays and mists do. Antiperspirant deodorants covers sweat glands and stops them from mixing with bacteria and generating bad odour.

The Lavanila Healthy Deodorant range which comes in different flavours does the trick after a gym session. Flavours like vanilla + air, vanilla snowberry, vanilla + water, vanilla summer and many more are filled with fresh scents of these flavours which protect you from developing sweat odour.

Use it even before going to the gym and you will feel a huge difference and an ooze of freshness that will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Dry Shampoo

Having a bad hair day? Or is your hair just sticky and gross after all that blood, sweat and tears? We have all witnessed that day where we had to immediately rush out of the gym by covering our hair in a hoodie because they just looked too bad. And the solution to this embarrassment is Fekkai – Blowout Hair Freshener Dry Shampoo.

This shampoo is a fixer – you can give your hair an immediate cleaner and voluminous appearance by spraying it to your roots just after your exercises. It is a refreshing formula that absorbs dirt and oil resulting in a just-stepped-out of a hair wash look with a head-turning smell.

Its small size makes it convenient to carry and its low cost makes it an essential gym bag item.

Face Mist

Just like the way your hair needs a pick-me-up after the sweaty gym session, your facial skin does too.

Give your skin the refreshing jolt that it deserves with a facial mist like Pixi – Vitamin Wakeup Mist. It is chock full of essential vitamins and minerals to give a revitalized awakened effect to your gym-ridden complexion.

It strengthens, it tones, it rehydrates, it refreshes – its the perfect all in one product for your skin with minimal effort. A good old spritz all over your face and you are ready to face the world with a gorgeous glow.


A gym bag is incomplete without a mascara to pop-up your eyes so that you do not look worn out or sore (no matter how badly your body is aching). A mascara will give a finishing and natural look to your no make-up face.

The accentuating of the lashes will give you the confidence that you need before you step outside. Give your lashes a small stroke of the smashbox – Full Exposure Mascara Jet Black not making it too obvious and keeping it natural so that it compliments your overall natural look.

Lip Gloss

Do you step out of your house with bare lips? I didn’t think so. Then there is no reason why you would step out of the gym without one too.

A tiny lip gloss will give your gym bag a lot of energy as the subtle tint of colour on your lips will give your appearance a long-lasting glow. Pick a pinkish nude shade like bareMinerals – GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipgloss Forbidden as you don’t want to overdo your look and want to appear natural.