Glittery nail polish is super trendy these days, whether it’s monochromatic, rainbow, chunky or fine. While this manicure idea is definitely fun and exciting, removing the stuff isn’t nearly as awesome. It can be very difficult to get glitter polishes off without spending a few minutes scrubbing each nail. However, there are a few ways you can make removing the glitter easier.

For starters, be sure to use a base coat before your initial application. Lippmann Collection – Ridge Filler Base Coat is a good choice that will smooth the surface of your nails while protecting them from staining.

It also helps to keep your polish’s thickness to a minimum. This means using only two thin coats of colored nail polish over the base coat, followed by a glittery topcoat. If you go any thicker, you’ll have more trouble taking it all off.

Finally, soak a cotton pad with Nail Color Remover, then hold it over each nail for about 15 seconds. This should loosen the polish and allow you to remove the glitter faster.

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