A month before ‘No Shave November’, we celebrate the existence of the most gorgeous accessory a man can sport. It’s the ultimate medal of honor, the feature that separates you from the pack, the insignia of masculinity – the beard.

OnSeptemberthe 5th, we celebrate the Word Beard Day – an ode to the majesty of a man’s mane. For men, that’s a nice excuse to learn how to meticulously tame that mane and keep it in the right shape and form. For ladies, that’s actually a nice day to shower your main man with gifts he can truly appreciate.

To show our love for our male connoisseurs and their facial hair, we dedicate this post to one of the most important aspects of beard care. We will help you find brands you can trust with your facial hair and talk about bestselling products for beard grooming and care.

Before that, just a few tips to care for your man-mane:

Take Care of That Beard

Beard grooming and care should be a part of your everyday routine. Here are a few things to add to your list:

  • Wash your beard every day with a gentle cleanser. Massage the cleanser deep into the beard so that you are able to clean the skin as well.
  • Use a conditioner after every beard wash. Apply to lengths and leave it for a while before rinsing it out.
  • Always pat dry your beard. Rubbing it with a cotton towel will only make it frizzy and scruffy.
  • Use a beard oil with natural ingredients. Try a few different products to find one that works best for your beard style, texture, and skin type.
  • Try different products for different weather. Lighter products work in summer, and thicker ones are better for winter.
  • Get regular trims by a hairdresser who knows how to work with your hair type and facial structure.

Lastly – whether you have a goatee or a full-blown hipster beard – tend to your facial landscape with the right tools and product.

Hemp Code

Organic Hemp Oil may have become a buzz word lately, but there are few companies that have harnessed its magical powers quite like Hemp Code. This Italian brand brings a lineup of skin and hair products with the finest hemp oil as the key ingredient.

We love how they create and market their product without the overbearing gender gimmicks. No pink or black packages for men and women. Anyone can benefit from their products. However, there is a range of beard care and grooming products that we believe would even those who don’t believe men need to pamper themselves with luxurious skincare products.

Let’s take a look at our Hemp Code favorites:

Hemp Code Emollient Beard Oil: Our top favorite from this brand is their beard oil that is super lightweight and truly nourishing. It leaves your beard hair soft, shiny, but non-greasy. Aside from organic hemp oil, it contains three other essential oils and vitamin E.

Hemp Code Perfect Shave GelWhen it comes to giving your beard a nice shape, this non-foamy shave gel formula is the gentlest, most effective alternative to those drying foams. Thanks to hemp oil, it’s a super hydrating gel that won’t clog your blade or your pores.

Hemp Code Beard Care Balm: If you have a beard that’s too wild, too rough for regular oils, Hemp Code has the perfect taming solution. This beard care balm will soften your unruly, rough beard hair and also soothe the skin underneath. It contains the organic Italian hemp oil and softening ingredients like allantoin and glycerin.

Hemp Code Brush: Last but not the least, we have the beard brush that can change your beard game. Its reinforced boar bristles are the perfect match for your beard, no matter how unruly and tangled it gets.


All Hemp Code products are free of parabens, mineral oils, SLES, and SLS.

Billy Jealousy

Billy Jealousy has been helping men sport enviable beards since 2004. The brand has won many awards and recognition for its men’s skincare and beard care products. Let’s take a look at our favorites from Billy Jealousy:

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash: The cleaner the beard, the easier it is to groom. This beard wash is a gentle, hydrating formula that leaves your mane silky, soft, and frizz-free. It removes all the deep settled dust and scruff from your beard and prepares it for further grooming.  The brand claims that regular cleaning will promote healthy growth.

Billy Jealousy Beard Control: Tame your beard with this lightweight gel that is perfect for everyday use. It works as a conditioner and light hold gel to make your hair softer while keeping frizz and flyaways at bay, all day.

Billy Jealousy Tin Man No 1 Beard Wax: For special occasions, you need a stronger hold for better definition and more shine. That is when this little can comes handy for every man. It is made of Natural Beeswax that gives you a stronger hold without that greasy cast. Despite its ultimate hold, it leaves you with a natural, no-product look.

Despite its ultimate hold, it leaves you with a natural, no-product look.


If you aren’t happy about the lack of variety offered by most brands, Beardguru is going to make your day. A brand dedicated to beards, Beardguru has three different lines to offer: Smooth Whiskey, Touch of Class, and Apple Blossom.

Apple Blossom has fruity notes of apple topped by sage and bourbon pepper, plus woodsy notes at the bottom. Smooth Whiskey smells like some fine whiskey with a hint of caramel. Touch of Class is for those who like the old school scent of clean, fresh cologne.

Aside from that, you have the Rebel and Unscented line. It’s hard to pick favorites, but some of their must-try products include:

Unscented Beard Oil: The unscented beard oil remains one of our favorites because it’s a great choice for any day. It has an assortment of soothing and nourishing oils including virgin argan oil, golden jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil.

Rebel Beard Balm: If you are looking for a beard smoothing balm that smells like cedar, spices, and leather, Rebel is the line for you.


Beardolgist is a brand, which like most men, likes to keep things simple and straightforward. It has built its reputation in the beard community with a small lineup of beard balms. Our favorite product from this brand is the travel pack that contains all four craft balms they offer.

Beardologist Beard Balm Pack: This pack contains four 0.5 oz tins of their signature craft beard balms: Manhattan, The Old Fashioned, Margarita, and Mojito Beard Balm. Each balm, with its unique fragrance, gives your bear a smoother texture and a good, natural-looking hold.

It’s a hydrating formula with beeswax and non-greasy oils that keep your beard shiny and well-groomed.

H.I.M-istry Naturals

H.I.M-istry Naturals is a brand that arrived with an aim to upgrade a man’s grooming session. They have infused skincare into their shaving products to give you tremendous results with every razor swipe. Some of their products are targeted towards special skin concerns such as acne, dryness, ingrown hair, clogged pores, and even aging. Let’s take a look at our favorites from H.I.M-istry Naturals.

3 In 1 Argan Beard & Shave Serum: This is a pre-shave serum that works in three ways: It softens your beard hair for a safer, smoother shave; it moisturizes your skin to make it smoother; it strengthens and nourishes beard hair to make it manageable. The serum is infused with natural oils and herbal extracts.

Rosemary& Tea Shave Gel: This shave gel improves your after-shave experience. Its soothing natural ingredients ensure a smooth shave and a moisturized, itch-free skin after every shave. It works as a protective layer on your skin during the shave and also minimizes darkening and drying after-effects of shaving. The shave gel’s main ingredients, rosemary and black tea, also prevent redness and puffiness.

Triple Tea After-Shave Toner: Your search for a non-drying, super soothing aftershave ends here! Triple Tea After Shave Toner rebalances your skin barrier after every shave, preventing all the adverse effects of shaving. It gently exfoliates the skin from within while deeply hydrating it. As a result, you won’t have to deal with ugly bumps, ingrown hair, or dry patches.


Kingsmen Grooming Products knows what a man wants and delivers exactly that without bells and whistles. The best thing about this brand is that despite the quality of its products, it doesn’t put a huge dent on your wallet. For men who need something reasonable and reliable, this may be the brand to consider. They don’t sell anything but beard essentials, but if we have to pick our top favorites, we will go with these two:

Blue Shield – Pre Shave Oil: Made from natural jojoba oil, this pre-shave wonder gives you a smooth nick-free shave every time. The oil absorbs deeper as you shave, and leaves you with smooth, itch-free skin and hair. No more burns and bumps for you.

Cherry Tobacco Beard Oil: Kingsmen has around three different variants of beard oil. This one is our favorite, precisely due to the wonderful, lasting fragrance of tobacco with cherry. This smoky, fruity combination is as intoxicating as it is rare. Not to mention, this oil is highly effective for beard growth, health, and taming.

What are your favorite beard-grooming products? Do share it with us!