If you’re like us, you’ve heard the news that the ’70s are back – at least when it comes to fashion and makeup. But while vintage styles by their very essence are partly worthy of revival and partly better left where they expired decades ago, we think there’s something to be said about the trends of the ’70s that do deserve an encore (or two).

Think elegant ease and loose, flowy fabrics complemented by fresh, bright-eyed faces. No, we’re not encouraging you to rock the over-tanned, over-plucked and too-blue eyeshadow look, but there’s a way to delicately and demurely pull these ideas off with all the best of today’s makeup technology in mind.

“That fresh-faced ’70s glow is a lovely look you can wear even if you decide against the belly-pinching aspect of high-waisted jeans,” the Kansas City Star advises. “Several beauty items out for spring make achieving this look super-easy, flushing the skin with a sheer wash of color that feels and looks like the ’70s.”

And what, exactly, may this entail?


It’s never a good idea to wear foundation or makeup that’s darker than your natural color, but you can rock the ’70s glow without betraying your complexion. Do apply your regular shade of foundation and concealer, but work in a healthy flush with a bronzer, blush or cheek stain.

To get just the right touch of sun-kissed splendor, apply a multi-toned bronzer (such as the POP Beauty Double Duty Bronzer) to your cheekbones, temples, nose and forehead. The contrasting shades of bronze and pink help balance each other out, and will look oh-so-natural when applied to the parts of your face that the sun highlights. However, avoid using a brush. Use a makeup sponge instead, for better results and less product waste.

To really maximize on achieving this balance, add a swirl of rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend into the bronzer.

Of course, it’s equally appropriate to wear blush on its own terms, and in order to achieve that iconic summer-ready glow, light stains and creams are where it’s at this season. These formulas feature a “pretty, vivid pigment but doesn’t look or feel weighty on the skin,” the news source reports. “That makes it perfect for hot, sunny days when a swipe of blush or a berry-kissed pout is all you need to look sexy and made-up.”

Apply a highlighting cream to your cheekbones and browbones to really nab that dewy-faced look.


For those who aren’t old enough to remember, the ’70s involved lots of pastel shadows to create darling wide-eyed snow bunny gazes. The downside of this was that many girls looked permanently surprised (how much of that was due to their brows, we can’t say). Just remember: pastel colors are good and fun, but only when they actually serve to complement your coloring.

Choose a light-colored shadow that’s not overly opaque and blend it in softly all over your lid. The aim here is to create a watercolor effect – not something that mimics sidewalk chalk.

You can add some winged liner, but overdoing it will send you straight back to the ’60s. Finish with plenty of black or brown mascara.


In keeping with the sheer, beach babe beauty that characterized the times, lips should be similarly light and breezy. Apply a sheer lipgloss or balm to keep your pout fresh – a little tint wouldn’t hurt either. ModelCo Lip Lights Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Indian Summer is just the right embodiment of this sun-kissed style.

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