It would have been understandable if you hadn’t heard of Becca Cosmetics before; but the way Becca took the highlighter market by storm last year with its Jaclyn Hill collaboration, you would have to live under a rock to not know about this amazing force of makeup.

Granted, Becca Cosmetics Highlighters are one of the best Becca products out there, but did you know that the cosmetic line, believing in simply enhancing your natural-looking complexion, has a tonne of other gorgeous products to try?

Read on to see our top picks for Becca Cosmetics:

BECCA Cosmetics – Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

I will start off with my absolute favorite.

Living in a hot, humid tropical climate all year round, there was absolutely no product that I hadn’t tried to control the oil slick that my face was.

Enter, Becca Ever-Matter Poreless Priming Perfector. I found it as part of my never-ending search for oil controlling primers/foundation, made the splurge and voila! This product is worth every penny.

It comes out as a super thick white, opaque cream, which you have to warm up between your fingers before patting it all over your face, or wherever you need to control oil. It feels tacky and sticky for a few seconds but after that, your face has this unbelievably smooth yet matte finish and you are almost ready to leave the house, bare-faced. Almost.

The product controls oil like no other product that I have ever tried and since it’s very thick, you need a very small amount each time. The product can also be used like a blotting cream throughout the day. If you have a little oil sneaking out of your perfectly applied makeup, simply take a tiny blob of Becca Ever-Matter Poreless Priming Perfector, melt it between your fingers and slightly dab the oily areas. It really does work like a charm!

BECCA Cosmetics – Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

Since I have started off the post with the perfect product for oily skinned gals, here is a star product for the ones at the other side of the spectrum.

BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation is a thin (almost water-like consistency), light coverage foundation, with a dewy finish and considerable staying power. You can easily build up the coverage so that’s not a problem.

However, what stands this foundation apart from similar ones on the market is its ability to deliver the luminous finish without using shimmer or “illuminating particles”, as marketers would go about. The product simply uses good moisturizing ingredients that allow it to give a dewy finish without feeling greasy or oily. Plus, since the formula is so thin and buildable, the coverage feels almost skin like.

Image Credit: Irene Sarah

Image Credit: Irene Sarah

While the formula is buildable, those with serious skin concerns will need a concealer to hide major imperfections. But, again, that’s not a problem since the foundation itself is so light, a layer of concealer shouldn’t be bothersome at all!

BECCA Cosmetics – Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation is available in 8 different shades ranging from Fair to Deep Bronze.

Becca Cosmetics – Backlight Priming Filter

Yet another star product for dry skin gals, Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter is more of an illuminator than a primer. Yes, it does works to help increase the longevity of your makeup, but it works better as an illuminating product.

If you are looking for a primer to extend your makeup wear by a considerable amount of time, you might want to skip this product or at least, try its sample first. However, if you are looking for a gorgeous glow, this is THE product to get.

Image Credit: Temptalia

Image Credit: Temptalia

Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter imparts this gorgeous glow while used alone and still manages to shine through with a semi-matte foundation. The primer helps diffuse skin imperfections and its pearls powder ingredient give this gorgeous, healthy glow that almost helps lighten your actual skin tone. Not drastically like by a shade or so, but gorgeously enough to make it look like your natural complexion but better.

Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin PerfectorLiquid, Poured, Pressed

Becca is known for all things highlighter. While the shade Champagne Pop marketing brought them to the map, the other shades had always been equally perfect if not better. For those of you sick of the contouring trend, embrace strobing with these gorgeous highlighters:

The original highlighter is available in the liquid form as Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector. With its water consistency and easy blend-ability, it works perfectly as an illuminator base, as a highlighter on top of makeup, as a body highlighter and is also perfect for mixing it with your foundation to give it a more dewy finish. Think of it as the Backlight Priming Filter, mentioned above, without the priming properties. If you have dry skin or are looking for more sheer shimmer, opt for this one.

If you want a bit more opaque coverage and more sheen, the Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured would be a better option. It is a cream based highlighter that doesn’t feel sticky or tacky on application. The shimmer particles are more noticeable as compared to the liquid one but nonetheless, not OTT and yet gorgeous.


The third option, Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed is powder based. In comparison to the other two options, this one has the most color and the shimmer particles most noticeable. Again, that doesn’t mean that it will turn you into a disco ball but those with big pores on their skin will need to be careful and keep a light hand on application. While these powder highlighters are more appropriate for oily skinned gals, you will need to be a little careful as it is easy to over-apply with this one.

The highlighters are available in 5 shades each and while they appear different as swatches for each three, on application and proper blending, almost all of them give the same color shade.

While Becca excels in the “natural beauty” makeup game with its skin perfecting bases and highlighters, the brand’s colored products are worth a mention too, especially, their mineral blushes. Becca Cosmetics Mineral Blush deliver amazing pigmentation, offer a variety of gorgeous summer shades and are beautifully, buttery smooth on application!

Which Becca Cosmetics product makes it to your Holy Grail list?

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