National debate has swirled around the issue of age-appropriate makeup as of late as girls begin to experiment with cosmetics at increasingly younger ages.

If you look at the statistics, girls are wearing makeup at younger ages than they were before. A study conducted by NPD Group Inc. found that the number of teens aged 8 to 12 who regularly use mascara and eyeliner nearly doubled between 2007 and 2009.

Many parents balk at the thought of their 9-year-olds starting their anti-aging regimens at such a young age, though some industry insiders argue that young girls should have access to high quality makeup products so that they don’t revert to the heavier-looking, lower quality products on offer at drug stores.

Obviously, these situations vary case by case, and it’s up to every girl’s parent to decide when she’s old enough to flaunt mascara to school.

If you’re looking for products suited for an in-between stage, sheer lip glosses, nail polishes and light-colored eye shadows are all suitable for a young girl to wear.

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