When you were a little kid, before you could go frolic in the waves or in the park, your mother probably held you down while slathering you in sunscreen. (You may or may not have been throwing a tantrum.) Alright, it’s no secret that children don’t want to pause to put on their sunblock. But as you get older, you need to remember this crucial step, even when mom’s not around to force you to.

Sun damage is no joke. Harmful UV rays can do a real number on your skin, and it’s not just aesthetic. Yes, too much sun exposure can lead to wrinkles and age spots, but it can also cause deadly diseases like melanoma – the deadliest form of cancer.

Not sure you can remember to put your sunscreen on every day? Don’t worry – build those SPFs into your daily routine by purchasing makeup and lotion products that contain sun protection! Many different types of foundation come with SPFs of 15, 25 and even higher, so you can put on your makeup and your sunscreen in one fell swoop. If you don’t want to switch foundations, you can buy translucent powders that not only set your makeup and give you a dewy glow, but offer added sun protection at the same time.

For fellas, plenty of face lotions contain sunscreen. Apply a little lotion after your get out of the shower or finish shaving to moisturize and protect yourself all at once.

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