Let’s face it… travelling is fun, but it can take a massive toll on your skin, especially if you are wearing a full face of makeup. As much as it is important to look your best, wearing the same makeup for hours until you land can be a mistake. You’ll be cramped up inside a small plane with hundreds of other people; it’s a stressful situation no matter how many times you’ve done it before. And a layer of makeup doesn’t help the situation very much.

The dry, recirculated plane air can dry out your skin and leave it susceptible to bacteria. So, by the time you get off that flight, your makeup will look like you’ve been wearing it for 12 hours, even if it’s only been two.

So our skincare experts suggest that once you have said your good-byes and are safely on board, indulge in a skincare routine. This is the secret to looking radiant and hydrated no matter how long your flight is.

Now, the trouble is that giving your skin some much-needed TLC will require some ingenuity since you won’t be allowed to carry liquid products on board. Here we have a list of our tried-and-tested favorites that can be stashed away in your handbag, and give your skin a quick makeover in the middle of a flight.

We promise you; these products are worth packing with you!

LovLuv Real Milky Banana Face Masks Two-Step Skin Care Essence [5 Pack]

The dry cabin air and proximity with hundreds of people make it the perfect place for breakout-causing bacteria. This two-step mask works as an intense hydrating boost while flying and locks in the moisture that was delivered to your skin through the serum and moisturizer.


The LovLuv Real Milky Banana Face Masks are made up of real milk extract and banana extract, two ingredients that are known for having a super moisturizing and anti-bacterial impact on the skin. Application is easy-peasy. Just clean your face with a warm towel, apply the booster serum and pack it into the skin, then put on the sheet mask.

Next, recline and relax. Give it at least twenty minutes on your face. When you take the mask off, don’t wipe clean the serum, instead, gently massage it into your face.

Teami Blends Hibiscus Infused Vitamin C Serum

Did you know that the Hibiscus is also known as the Botox Plant? The all-natural acid in the hibiscus flower purifies the skin as its anti-aging properties tighten and reduce the wrinkles.


The Teami Blends Hibiscus Infused Vitamin C Serum combines the power of Hibiscus flower with vitamin C to bring you a potent concoction that will brighten, tighten and plump in an instant. Use it under your moisturizer for added hydration. It also works well as a primer, to be applied before makeup application.

This serum is free of all harmful preservatives and fillers. Just the active ingredients are powerful enough to uplift tired skin as it absorbs quickly and effectively. The hyaluronic acid is another one of its ingredients; it delivers long-lasting moisture and keeps potential breakouts at bay.

Arlo Blak Activated Charcoal Collagen Eye Mask

This is a must-have for your beauty flight regime. And yes an eye mask on a plane will require you to be brave because They. Will. Stare!

Let them!


Because Arlo Blak Activated Charcoal Collagen Eye Mask is the perfect way to combat your pre-flight stress evident all too clearly under your eyes, it rejuvenates the sensitive under-eye skin, reduces puffiness, hydrates your skin, and leaves you feeling refreshed. Powered with charcoal powder, it will instantly brighten up the under eye area for maximum impact.

Mizzi Cosmetics Honey Kiss Lip Balm

You can’t skip this one because this one’s Kylie Jenner’s favorite!!

Also, moisturized, kissable lips are a must when you are about to get off the plane. This cute little lip balm packs a punch of pink grapefruit essential oil and honey that leaves your lips soft, sweet and supple and shimmering luxuriously.


Use a small amount of Mizzi Cosmetics Honey Kiss Lip Balm when you feel the need. No need to wipe it off, just top it up with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick as you disembark. It looks stunning under lipstick. And it smells just as amazing as it feels so sometimes we use it as a pick-me-up. It’s divine!

The Last Word

With your skin all cleansed and prepped, now you can go on and apply a fresh layer of makeup before stepping out.

Your next flight can be the ultimate pampering session for your skin. Try out these products and step out of that plane looking like you’ve just had a spa session at 35,000 feet! Your skin will thank you for all the health, hydration, moisture and tender loving care.