You’d think that braiding your hair should be simple enough, but if you want the perfect stylized sheen you see in all your favorite beauty mug shots, you may need to study up on which products to use. Not that we mean to upbraid you for not knowing otherwise, but a flawless rope of hair is always more than what it seems.

“Apply gel to your roots and use a brush to pull hair into a high ponytail,” Allure advises. “Then braid the tail, securing the ends with an elastic.”

If you don’t want your look to be super structured, try using a volumizing mousse instead while your hair is still damp – that way, your tresses will be equally manageable, but you’ll have plenty of soft, natural-looking texture to work with.

Use Leonor Greyl Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice for stunning results. This top-of-the-line volumizing spray uses vegetable extracts and oils to lend body and shine to your tresses.

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