Not all mornings will necessarily grace you with the necessary amount of time you need to prepare unhurriedly and wake up fully before you rush out the door. For days when you’ve got about 15 minutes or less to pull yourself together, here are a few tricks to get you out of bed and awake in no time.

1. Moisturizer. Even if you don’t put on any face makeup, moisturizer will hydrate your skin, which is the number one cause of a dull, tired-looking complexion.

2. Dermatologist Neolle Sherber told that keeping a metal spoon in the freezer to press to your eyelids once you’ve applied your moisturizer. This will help instantly take puffy eyes down a notch and wake up your gaze.

3. Dry shampoo. So you don’t have time to shower? Big deal. Use a touch of this magic stuff to sap grease out of your roots – no one will know, we promise.

4. You may not have time for a full face of makeup, but do at least take a moment to apply a few swipes of mascara. This is that one essential pick-me-up that will make all the difference in how alive you feel and look.

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