Lauren Conrad recently made headlines when she abandoned her signature blonde strands for a darker ‘do. However, it seems that there is one trademark look that Conrad is hanging onto – winged eyeliner.

When the former The Hills alum debuted her new brunette locks, she still sported the same type of eye makeup that we first saw her wearing on her first reality hit, Laguna Beach, in 2004. Throughout the years, Conrad’s makeup has always looked flawless, and her secret may lie within choosing the right angles and having a light touch.

“Lauren loves her signature cat eye look,” Amy Nadine, Conrad’s makeup artist, told People magazine, adding that the look can be easily recreated. “Spot the end of your brow and visualize an imaginary line from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow – that’s the angle that you want to draw the wing. With light brush strokes, create the wing incrementally.”

Women can use liquid, gel or pencil liner, whichever they feel most comfortable applying. While a liquid formula may offer fuller coverage, a pencil is easier to blend and is ideal for a softer, smoky look.

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