In most cases, the goal of any makeup routine is enhancing one’s natural beauty, or in other words, making those features pop with all their might. Here’s how to make the most of your lids, cheeks and pout.

1. If your ultimate goal is big, wide-awake eyes, your best bet is to reach for a light, shimmery shadow swept liberally across your entire lid. Those of you who want a bit of bold color should use a white shadow to open up the inner corners of your eyes – and don’t forget a couple coats of mascara!

2. Shimmery cheekbones are the ultimate coup de grace for a dewy-faced look, and they can take center stage with just a swoosh of cream blush highlighter. Apply it to your cheekbones, temples and browbones to get your features to really pop.

3. Ladies with small lips should avoid dark lip colors, as these can be overly constricting. Instead, go for a sheer gloss or a light-colored lipstick or lip stain that will make your pout look full and luscious.

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