When you have a fantastic blush for cheeks, it’s not hard to get really excited about it. Sometimes, in our overzealousness, we may apply a little too much, getting ourselves into clown makeup territory. But before you reach for that makeup remover or face wipe to start your foundation and blush all over again, try one of these quick fixes.

1. If you used powder blush, pick up some translucent face powder. You might already have one (it’s good for getting rid of excess shine and setting your makeup), so blend it like there’s no tomorrow over the apples of your cheeks. This should help dilute the color.

2. If you used a cream blush, try blending a little liquid foundation on top, like Exuviance – Skin Caring Foundations SPF 15. This should help to even out the shade of your cheeks.

3. No matter what kind of blush you used, you could always use a face wipe to lightly dab the apples of your cheeks where there’s too much color. If you don’t press down too hard, this shouldn’t affect the foundation underneath. If it does, you’ll only have to reapply to that one area, which isn’t so bad.

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