Many women shy away from glitter because they don’t want to risk looking like a disco ball or a 13-year-old girl. However, it’s entirely possible to incorporate glitter into your beauty routine without risking your cool factor. Here are three easy, flattering ways to add a hint of shine, according to Glamour magazine’s beauty blog.

1. Sparkly eyes. The key to grown-up glitter is keeping it in a complementary shade that doesn’t stand out against your skin tone and limit your application to one place. If you have darker skin, a gold shimmer would work great, and lighter-toned ladies would do well with a shade of pink. Try Bare Escentuals – Glimmer Eye Shadow on the inner corners of your eyes, and line your lower lids with a matching metallic.

2. Glittery nails. You can’t go wrong with sparkly nails, so feel free to experiment however you want. Chunky, fine, colorful or even weirdly shaped flecks are all acceptable, so go nuts. Just be sure to use a clear top coat to seal them in.

3. Shimmery body lotion. As long as your whole bod has a bit of shimmer, this look is totally acceptable. Try mixing a loose glitter into your body lotion, or use GloMinerals – Body Glisten. Either way, you’ll be shining.

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