Braids are everywhere lately, which is great news if you’re looking for an easy way to add a fun element to your regular hairstyle. But fishtail braids are even more unexpected, and they’re super easy to create. They’ve also been spotted everywhere lately – even on celebrities like Whitney Port and Ciara. Here are three ways you can rock a fishtail.

1. Messy and to the side. Add shine to your locks with a product like Hamadi – Shea Spray, then create waves by twisting sections of hair around your finger and flat-ironing them before letting them go. Part hair and pull it loosely to the side, then make a fishtail. A few pieces falling out here and there will soften the look.

2. Peek-a-boo. After shampooing with a luxurious product, blow dry your hair straight and flat iron it if necessary. Take a section of hair from underneath the top layer (near your ear) and braid into a fishtail.

3. Wrap-around. Once your hair is up in a ponytail, take a piece from the tail and braid it into a fishtail. To hide the elastic and provide some unexpected texture, wrap the fishtail around the pony and secure with bobby pins.

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