Fall reminds us of cozy sweaters, warm soups, and funky socks. But one other thing we all love this season for is the switch in the makeup trends. From subtle hues to bright blues, time to make a swift transition to fall makeup trends that never get old.

Let’s check out the top trends this year and the products you will need to keep up with!

Bright Blue Eyes!

If you’ve been waiting to rock bright blue eyeshadow or a graphic eyeliner look, now is your chance. Get your hands on this super-pigmented palette called Shie’s Cocky by Shie’s Beauty. The quartet palette is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. It includes the three most stunning shades of blue with a complimenting white that could make any color stand out.

Be bold, be loud, and experiment with the amazing colors that blend like a dream. Work out a few shades of blue or carry a chic look with a bright blue graphic liner – just how you like it. The eyeshadows are easy to blend with their soft, creamy texture and give a matte finish.  

Glossy Lips

Ladies and gentlemen, the glossy lips are very much back in the game, and we couldn’t be happier. While the matte finish lip has its charm, the added sheen to achieve more luscious lips brings out a sexy that’s impossible otherwise. And what better product than Basic Beauty Lip Gloss. With nine stunning shades, you can pick your favorites and flaunt them this fall season.

These high-quality lip glosses have a non-sticky, moisturizing formula that’s all sorts of amazing. You can use it on its own or put it as a lip topper, and your lips will still feel lightweight and comfortable.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are never going out of trend – and they shouldn’t! Smoked-out eyes are sexy, sensual, and perfect to pair with your favorite nude gloss. But finding the right product that doesn’t fade or fall out can be tricky. This is where Mirenesse Cosmetics Cat Eyes Liner + Smokey Eye Blender in Minx Black will come in handy. The versatile product has an intense and pigmented black liner pencil on one end and a blender on the other.

Create a crisp cat eye look for the day and smoke it out for the night with this amazing product. The high-pigment crayon liner is made with organic waxes and mineral pigments and won’t irritate your eyes. It’s easy to glide on, blend, and will stay put throughout the day.

Fluttery Eyelashes

Adding some length and volume to your lashes can transform your makeup in a snap. And if wearing falsies sounds like a task, you can always rely on good mascara to do the job. Here we bring you not one but three mascaras to add to your stack. The Grande Cosmetics Lashful Thinking set includes GrandeDrama, GrandeMascara (Conditioning), and GrandeMascara (Waterproof).

All three are great to give your thin, wimpy lashes the lift they deserve.Choose the one that suits your needs on the day and rock your natural feathery lashes this fall season.

Multicolored French Manicure

Fall is the best season to rock your favorite nail colors. And when you can apply them all, why stick to one? Show off your chic style with a multicolored French manicure you can easily pull off with the Hype Nail Garden Party Nail Polish Collection. Featuring four rich and stunning colors, you can keep up with the fashion trends and rock them with your own unique style.

These nail colors give your nails a healthy shine. The vegan nail polish shades include a mix and match of beautiful pastel colors, including blues and pinks, that you can never go wrong with.

Bright Lips

You can try all your favorite bright lipsticks that have been hiding in your stack throughout the summer. It’s time to get those bad boys out and showcase your unique and edgy style with some bright lips. These Juwel Cosmetics Cream Lipsticks are a great option to try out this season. The creamy and rich formula with unbeatable pigments will really take you by surprise.

Available in ten beautiful shades, these lipsticks have a moisturizing effect, making them easy to apply and rock with any look. The shades are suitable for all skin tones and look great regardless of your makeup preferences or personal style.

Ethereal Skin

Give your skin a reason to shine this fall season. The Lycopene Skincare Shimmering Hydrating Elixir is your holy grail product this year. Featuring an ultra-luxe shimmering effect, the product will leave a luminous glow wherever applied.

The serum has warm gold minerals, making it a perfect match with the season’s colors. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and plumped. And if you don’t like chunky glitter, this product will perfectly suit you because of its subtle shimmer and matte finish.  

Brushed-Out Brows

No more boxy, dark eyebrows this season. The new trend encourages you to enjoy the shape of your brow by giving it a full brushed-out look. To fill in with the perfect hair-like strokes and give it a fuller look, use the Honey Beauty Define Brow Pencil. This ultrathin retractable eyebrow pencil will give your brows the extra zing and the lifted-effected.

The pencil can easily make thin, hair-like lines for the precision you need. Give more definition to your brows with this superb product.   

Pastel Hues

Give your cheeks the perfect rosy touch with tints in pastel hues. If your style is more subtle and toned-down, you must check out the BLOOMEFFECTS Tulip Tint Lip and Cheek Balm in Stroopwafel. This will add the perfect flush of color to your cheeks as well as your lips.

The universally flattering color can be used with a brush or blended with the tip of your fingers. The blend includes amazing and collagen-boosting ingredients to keep your skin and lips hydrated.

Metallic Eyeshadows

Metallic eyeshadows are indeed a timeless makeup product with versatile applications. Here we are ending our list with yet another incredible product that will instantly make you a head turner. If you’re looking for the best quality metallic eyeshadows, you must try out Mellow Glitter Chrome Eyeshadows, available in three beautiful shades.

The fall-appropriate colors will instantly add drama to your overall makeup look and have you looking like a diva in no time. Choose your favorite color, or get your hands on all three to get creative with these amazing eyeshadows.