Foundation is made to even out the skin color on your face. Foundation should look natural and match your skin tone. In order to get the “perfect match” for yourself you must try a stripe on your face. Testing it on your wrist is a “no, no” mainly because your wrist is a completely different color than your face. Try a few swipes down the cheek to the neck and the color that you can’t notice and blends in is the one you should be wearing. Test the foundation on your nose. If the foundation appears to disappear into the skin and there is no discoloration then you have a good match. Make sure the lighting in the store is close to natural sunlight. Ask for several opinions from people around you and test a couple of color shades so you can compare and contrast.

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  1. great ideas. I always follow your ideas and apply them.

    Just one question though. Have you made writing this blog as your profession or do you do this in your spare time?

    Just curious..

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