September 13, 2013

Tips For Enviable Lashes

There’s one look that women have been trying to achieve for centuries: long, lush lashes.

From Cleopatra to Twiggy to the Kardashian sisters, this is the signature look iconic celebrities have been sporting throughout the years – and with good reason. No matter your skin tone or personal style, full fringe is always stunning. Plus, it works with a variety of makeup looks, both subtle and dramatic. While new trends emerge every season, including glittery lashes or colored ones, you can’t go wrong with volume. Follow these tips and you’ll be catching the eyes of onlookers with just one blink:

Primed for perfection
An eyelash curler is a no-brainer if you want your peepers to pop. Before doing anything, press the Paula Dorf CURL-UP into your lashes. Doing so after you apply product could lead to clumping or breakage.

Primer isn’t just for your face: It can fortify your lashes and dramatically boost the effectiveness of your mascara. Start by brushing on Blinc’s Lash Primer, which can strengthen your lashes, helping to prevent breakage. The primer is also infused with vitamins E and B5, which are crucial for safeguarding your eyelashes from heat, UV light and other damaging agents in your environment. It acts like a conditioner, too, meaning the more coats you apply, the more moisturized and silky your lashes become. As a result, your mascara goes on much more smoothly and without any pesky clumps.

Mascara magic
The key to lashes that have the effect of falsies is the right mascara formula and application technique. In an interview with ABC News, makeup artist Bobbi Farnworth recommended using two different mascaras: one that can pump up the volume of your lashes and another that will lengthen them. Start with a coat of gloLash Lengthening Mascara by GloMinerals, which helps lashes grow to their maximum potential. Then follow with bareMinerals – Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara Intense Black to amp up the volume. The most effective technique is to press the brush at the base of your lashes and wiggle back and forth up to the tips.

Finishing fringe touches
There are several ways to perk up your peepers even more. Farnworth suggested dusting on a layer of baby powder between coats of mascara, which can help it to adhere and make the pigment look richer. She also noted that adding a drop or two of saline into your mascara can make it long-lasting. If you want to touch up later in the day, remember to pat the mascara brush onto a tissue to eliminate excess product – the brush itself will liven up your lashes.

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