There are many eyeshadows these days meant to be used by women with specific eye colors, but you don’t have to rely on these kits to make your eyes pop. If you have brown eyes, there are a couple of tried and true methods for bringing out your rich color.

1. Blue eyeliner. Used on your inner rims, a blue liner like Colorescience – Eye Pencil in Shades of Gray can give your brown eyes contrast and make the whites of your eyes brighter, according to Makeup Geek.

2. Contrasting eyeshadows. Any color opposite of brown on the color wheel will make your eyes stand out, so think blues, teals, purples and greens.

3. Pink shades. Deep pink shades are flattering on brown eyes, so use a blush like Jane Iredale – PurePressed Blush to make yours pop.

4. Skip brown shadow. Many brown-eyed women have dark complexions and hair, so brown eyeshadow can look too monotone. If you do use brown, make sure to pair it with a vibrant lip color to keep things fresh.

5. If your eyes are more of a hazel shade, a hint of green eyeshadow can bring out the green tones in your eyes.

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