The best eyeliners out there are meant to be easily blended and perfectly smudgeable so you can create smoky eyes and countless other looks. But how annoying is it when you look in the mirror and realize you’ve been walking around work all day with black circles underneath your eyes or just above your creases? Here’s how to make that liner stay put.

According to The Beauty Department, one way to get eyeliner to stay is by setting it with powder right after application. Just grab a finishing powder for face and use a flat brush to apply it just underneath or above your eyeliner. This helps prevent the formula from traveling. The source also recommends choosing a powder that’s a bit lighter than your skin tone, which can have a highlighting effect on the area.

Another great prevention method? Eyeshadow primer. Because your lids probably tend to get oily throughout the day, you might notice creasing in your eyeshadow as well as liner smudges. A layer of primer applied beforehand can create a barrier that keeps your application as precise as you meant for it to be. No more embarrassing raccoon eyes!

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