Women in Tokyo have long been recognized for their bold beauty choices, so it may not be surprising that a new survey has revealed that they apply more makeup than gals in other Asian cities. In fact, 80 percent of female Tokyoites wear cosmetics at least five days a week, The Japan Times Online reports.

However, researchers concluded that the findings reflected cultural sensibilities specific to Tokyo.

According to the study, “Tokyo women are distinct for their wish to be stylish and ‘kawaii’ [cute], for their emphasis on surface qualities, for their awareness of human relationships, and for their concern over how others see them. Many women [in Tokyo] still feel embarrassed to appear outside the home without makeup.”

The news source also reports that the survey involved women ages 18 to 59-years-old from Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul.

American women seem to love cosmetics as well. According to StyleList.com, a study that was analyzed by Harris Interactive found that 42 percent of women would spend time applying mascara and lip gloss instead of eating breakfast if they had to choose between the two.

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