Most girls struggle in the morning just to get out of bed, let alone get started on a time intensive beauty regimen. If you’re not the type to enjoy jumping out of your covers earlier just to get a head start on your hair and makeup, consider these quick and easy tips that are sure to give you a successful start to the day.

Plan ahead. If you’ve got a big day in the works, why wait until morning to get started on your beauty routine? By showering the night before and washing up with a clearing skin wash specially designed to reduce surface oils and eliminate breakouts, you can shave off tons of time from your morning regimen. Also try sorting your essential beauty products into easily accessible piles.

Embrace the basics. We know you want to look your absolute best each day, but devoting the crucial time in the morning that it takes to do so can be a drain on your energies – not to mention your commute. Instead, stick to the fundamentals, like skin care. Using an antibacterial, moisturizing face wash can rid your complexion of blemishes and leave you looking radiant, which is all you need to make a remarkable impression throughout the day!

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