Not all of us have to weather the tropical storms that the subcontinent of India so famously experiences, but there’s valuable advice to be gleaned from the ladies that know how to survive rainy weather better than anyone else on the planet.

The Times of India advises that ladies stay away from heavy cream-based makeup during monsoon season. Additionally, any waterproof or water-resistant mascaras, eyeliners or lip products you can find should be your best bet against heavy rains and humidity, the news source suggests. Keeping face makeup to a bare minimum as well as being extra vigilant about best makeup removal practices will help keep your skin clear and fresh and ultimately avoid the need for much makeup altogether.

Many beauty experts also advise to switch standard foundations for a primer and tinted moisturizer combination. The primer acts as a budgeproof base, which allows makeup to really “grip” to the face. It lends some coverage as well, which means a tinted moisturizer should be all you need to hydrate your face and gently balance your skin tone.

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