Not that there’s anything remotely wrong with prim, pin-straight hair or flawless spirals that look like they’re fresh off the curling iron, but today’s vision of glamour involves tousled, piecey hair that is gorgeously imperfect.

Whether or not you’re blessed with naturally beautiful wavy locks or need a bit of help from the product aisle to achieve the perfect, just-out-of-bed look, you can find the perfect balance of messy and carefully structured to complement your length and style.

If your hair lacks body, shaping haphazard chunks with a curling iron can help give your hair bounce and fullness – just be sure to spritz with hairspray upside down and then tousle with your fingers for a slightly more natural look.

To get that to-die-for piecey appearance, rub some wax or pomade through your hair once you’re done styling – the result will be a deliciously sexy bedhead look you can run your fingers through all you like.

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