If you have gorgeous red locks, you might have trouble picking out the perfect lipstick shades. Certain red and pink hues can clash with red and strawberry blonde hair, doing you little favors when it comes to enhancing your pout and complexion. However, there are two ways you can guarantee good matches when it comes to your lipstick choices.

According to Glamour Magazine, it’s all about either matching the lip color to your hair or opting for a hue that’s completely opposite your tresses. For example, it would work well to choose a warm shade of red that complements the warm undertones of your hair, while a cooler tone would count as something completely different that’s also effective.

Orange-red hair like Jessica Chastain’s would be perfectly offset by a fuchsia lip gloss, or it could be matched to an orange shade, which is totally trendy these days. Just remember that when you’re wearing such a bold color on your lips, you’ll need to tone down the rest of your makeup. Keep it simple with black eyeliner and a peachy blush.