If you’ve been spending some time in the sun this summer (and we certainly hope you have!), you’re probably a shade or two darker than you were in the depths of winter. Whether you got your tan while spending all week at the beach on a remote tropic isle or purchased it in a bottle at the drug store, sun-kissed summer skin can be a drastically different color than your winter complexion. What to do?

If you don’t want to dump your old foundation and run out to get new products, only to be out of luck again when your tan fades, there’s something you can do – bronzer. Instead of purchasing a new foundation, update your current one by buying a bronzer and swiping it over your cheeks to give yourself a little color. This way, you can get twice the mileage out of your regular foundation.

Bronzers are an excellent way to add a natural tan to your cheeks and give your look just a hint of summery shimmer. If you want to glow like you’ve spent the day in the sun, just brush a little bit of bronzer over the apples of your cheeks, on top of your normal foundation color. Voila! An instant dewy tan. Sweep a little extra on your decolletage for an all-over sun-kissed look.

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