French manicures are about a dime a dozen, even if they typically set you back a good $20. While this classic application is timeless, have you ever searched for an alternative to getting white tips?

Little known fact: In the 1940s, women used to get half-moon manicures, which basically go the opposite route of a French manicure by drawing attention to the white semicircles at the base of the nail rather than the nail tips.

If this sounds new to you, it’s because it hasn’t enjoyed that much fame in the limelight, but this may give you an added advantage in terms of being the first in your circle to flaunt the look.

To achieve this look at home, pick up a high-quality nail polish and brush on small semi-circles by the base of your nails. Dip a toothpick in nail polish remover to clean up and perfect the edges.You can play around with leaving the half-moons bare or creating a two-tone effect with a lighter and darker color – either way you spin it, it’s bound to be a knock-out.

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