If you already have a liquid foundation like bareMinerals – bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in a neutral shade, you might be wondering why you’re not getting that “I’m not wearing any makeup, I swear!” look. Proper application is everything when it comes to creating a barely-there appearance.

Ideally, Real Simple Magazine states that you should always be starting with a clean slate. This means exfoliating your skin prior to applying any makeup to make it easier to blend.

Once you wash your face, moisturize before you use cosmetics to keep them from potentially drying out your skin. If you’re afraid of moisturizer creating an oily appearance, you can always use a powder to create a matte finish.

Keep in mind that less is more, especially when it comes to using makeup in neutral shades – after all, you want your face to look natural!

To bring your appearance together, consider using the bareMinerals – bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer. This product can mask discoloration and give you the barely-there look you desire. The concealer also has an antioxidant complex that can help you combat signs of aging as an added bonus.

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