While some women warm up in the winter with cozy sweaters and mugs of cocoa, some of Hollywood’s most glamorous gals are taking a different approach. According to StyleList.com, Rachel McAdams, Chloë Sevigny and Dannii Minogue have all recently stepped out with orange-colored pouts.

Each star sported a different citrus shade. While Sevigny and Minogue chose bright tones that were bold and juicy, McAdams chose a softer, peachy tint. When rocking orange lipstick, remember to keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

“You’ll look fresh if you pair it with a squeaky-clean face – just concealer where you need it, and defined brows with mascara,” makeup artist Pat McGrath told the news source.

If you opt for a bright shade, apply a lip balm before slicking on color, as the bold hue will emphasize flakes and cracks. You may want to use a primer beneath a lighter shade, however, so that your natural lip color doesn’t overpower the lipstick.

The women also paired their pouts with three very different colored ensembles, proving that orange lipstick is surprisingly versatile. Minogue wore a hue that matched her lips, Sevigny wore blue (orange’s complementary color on the color wheel) and McAdams rocked a green garment.

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