It’s hard to think about a mask-free life these days – especially when you’re out and about. Since more than half of your face will be behind a mask now, some imperative rethinking is required to adjust your beauty routine.

If you love makeup, you must have already experienced imprinting your foundation, bronzer, blush, and lipstick on your face mask. It’s time to look for modern solutions to these modern problems.

And if makeup is a part of what makes you feel good, you don’t have to completely give it up. Regardless of the cosmetic camp you fall into, laminated brows, accentuated eyes, and volumized lashes can make a whole lot of a difference to how you carry your mask.

This article will talk about the best practices and highlight some interesting products you can use for wearing makeup with a mask.

Eyes is Where The Focus Is

This actually saves you time, effort, and makeup products. Focus on your eyes and accentuate it, for it’s the only feature on full display. Instead of buying a special foundation or spending time on different techniques to keep everything in place, our best tip is to shift all of that energy to your eyes.

Ditch the full-coverage formulas and enjoy eye makeup instead. Add unique color to your eyes, flaunt a smoky eyeshadow, pull off bold eyeliner, or give a fluffy flutter to your lashes – the ideas are endless. Don’t forget to enhance your brows and lashes for a complete look.

We’ve some interesting recommendations for eye makeup products you can use. Keep reading.

Revive7 Science Brow Revitalizing Serum

Unruly brows stand out even more when half your face is behind the mask. There have been so many brow trends over the years, and it looks like it was all preparing us for this moment. The Revive7 Science Brow Revitalizing Serum is more of a brow care product. It is used for nourishing brows, making them healthier for a fuller look.

The product is both cruelty-free and vegan and guarantees results in 7-14 days. The serum comes with a simple-to-use applicator so you can precisely focus on your brows. Now that you’ve healthier brows use your favorite products to groom them and fill them up for a neat look.  

KAB Cosmetics Day + Night Eyeshadow Palette

If you love to make your eyes pop with some shimmery eyeshadows, the KAB Cosmetics Day + Night Eyeshadow Palette is all you need. Give your makeup the full impact and draw attention to the eye using shimmery eyeshadows to gloss up your eyes.

As the name suggests, the shades are suitable for both day makeup and night glam look with 18 highly pigmented variety of shades. Use the softer shades for the day and play with shimmery, bold colors for a more intense night look. This versatile palette brings endless possibilities to make the eyes stand out, so get creative!

Mirenesse Cosmetics Forbidden Ink Waterproof Eyeliner with Sharpener

Add more depth to your look by tight-lining your eyes with an eye pencil. Use it as eyeliner or apply it on your waterline to make your eyes pop more.

If you’re looking for a suitable product, the Forbidden Ink Waterproof Eyeliner won’t disappoint you. Available in three shades – Addiction, Envy, and Voyeur – you can use these rich pigmented matte eye pencils to create different eye looks from subtle and pretty to bold and ultra smoky. Pick the nude pencil for the day and dramatize your eyes with the blue and green color at night time for a glam look. The best part: it also comes with a sharpener.

Foligain Eyelash Lengthener

Dramatic eyelashes instantly add the missing oomph to your eyes. Before you’re ready to coat your lashes with mascara, use an eyelash care product to naturally thicken and lengthen them.

One of the best products to achieve this is Foligain Eyelash Lengthener. The innovative eyelash volumizer serum can be applied before bedtime on your upper and lower lashes like eyeliner so your lashes become fuller and denser naturally. It contains a powerful blend of ingredients including grape seed stem cell extract and natural peptides for best results. This product is cruelty-free.

LEAU Cosmetics Extra Volume Ultra Black Mascara

I believe mascara is what truly helps dramatize the eyes when you have your mask on. Never undervalue the power of a good mascara. You need both volume and curl, so a lengthening mascara works best.

The Leau Extra Volume Ultra Black Mascara is your best bet. With dark black pigments, a mix of natural and synthetic waxes, and perfect adhesive agents, this high-definition mascara is all you need for the desired extra volume. Enjoy a lightweight, voluminous effect without several coats.

Baseblue Cosmetics False Lashes Redstart

A pair of false lashes is a quick way to augment any eye look. Other than the impact it creates, false eyelashes can enhance your eyes without a lot of effort. Even if you plan to ditch the eyeshadow, perfectly lined eyes with feathery false lashes are enough to complete the eyes.

The Baseblue Cosmetics False Lashes Redstart is a perfect pair of lashes for everyday use. These light volume, short eyelashes can create an impact without looking too heavy or fake. They have the perfect density that would instantly open up your eyes making them the center of attention. This product is vegan and cruelty-free.