Have you noticed that your complexion is looking less radiant lately? Unfortunately, it’s normal for skin to start losing its luster over the years as cell turnover slows, leaving dead skin cells around for longer to dull our complexions, reports Allure Magazine. But there are ways you can speed up the process, and glycolic acid is one of the best choices.

According to the source, this acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that’s derived from sugarcane. It works by dissolving the glue-like substance that keeps our skin cells stuck together, improving skin’s texture and removing dead cells, leaving you with a glowing, younger-looking complexion.

Use a cleanser with the ingredient, like PETER THOMAS ROTH – Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cleansing Gel, on a daily basis to remove impurities, prevent blemishes and reveal newer, brighter skin. You may even want to follow up with a moisturizer that contains glycolic acid or another alpha hydroxy acid that’ll speed up cell turnover.

Then, twice a week, use an at-home glycolic acid peel to rejuvenate your complexion. You’ll be unveiling smoother, softer skin, and some products also help protect against free-radical damage and boost collagen levels.

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  1. A favorite selling point of glycolic acid cleansing agents is smoother and considerably softer skin. It’s because the acid deep cleanses the skin, giving you a clean and healthy complexion.

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