When it comes to eyeliner, no color is left untested. You can find formulas of liners in standard brown or black, white, nude, green, blue, purple and even orange. While they all do their part to make your eyes more interesting, there are certain effects that each color of eyeliner achieves, reports The Beauty Department. Here are a few of the standards.

1. Black. Black eyeliner is great for adding instant drama and definition. It may make your eyes look a bit smaller, but you’ll have a smoldering effect that’s totally worth it.

2. Brown. Softer than black, brown eyeliner is a way to add definition without looking too harsh.

3. White. White liner is totally ’60s, and it really makes your eyes appear bigger by lengthening the whites of your eyes.

4. Nude. Skin-colored liners make your eyes look larger just like white, but it’s less noticeable and way more natural.

5. Colorful. Any colored liner, whether it’s blue, green, purple or something a bit more wild, is a great evening trick to make your eyes more interesting.

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