Just like everyone has a different face shape, most people can fit into one of eight eye shape categories, defined by The Beauty Department.

1. Almond. The most common shape is turned up slightly at the outer corners.

2. Wide set. Has the width of an eye in between, or more.

3. Close set. Has less than the width of an eye in between the eyes.

4. Monolids/hooded. When open, the upper lid isn’t visible.

5. Small. Thin eyes that aren’t a dominant feature.

6. Protruding. These eyes extend forward and are a dominant feature.

7. Deep set. These eyes are pushed back underneath a prominent brow bone.

8. Downturned. The outer corners turn downward.

Knowing your eye shape can help you figure out how to apply makeup to flatter your face. But beforehand, it’s important to take good care of your eyes so your makeup will apply smoothly and evenly. A daily moisturizer, like AHA Smoothing Eye Serum, will keep your lids smooth and hydrated.

To banish dark circles, use Under Eye Concealer. Your eyes will be a blank canvas to play around with.

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