It’s happened to the best of us, we’ve gone to sleep with clear skin and woken up with a horrible blemish. Ever wonder where those pesky pimples come from?

A pimple forms when a type of oil called sebum, that lubricates the hair and skin, clogs the pores. As a result an infection occurs and red irritations form. Acne is most common in teenagers, especially during puberty (during this time the hormones become overactive and the skin creates excessive amounts of sebum). However, it can and will affect people of all ages.

Before investing in acne care, identify your problem areas. The most common problem area is called the T-zone and it consists of the chin, nose, and forehead. These areas contain the most oil-producing glands and therefore are prone to breakouts. Every person’s skin is different and trouble spots will vary.

Once you have identified yours, invest in some quality skin care products.

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  1. there is no permament cure for pimples, you can only control its symptoms’*’

  2. pimples really make crazy, i hate them and i want to get rid of them forever.”~

  3. there is no other disease that can really annoy your face, pimples really suck `*,

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