Different types of mascara purport different types of benefits – which type you choose depends on whether you want to lengthen, darken, thicken or curl yours. While we have no doubt that your natural lashes are as gorgeous as can be, a little cosmetic enhancement is an easy and sexy way to get the kind of lashes you can bat at a cute guy at a swanky neighborhood lounge.

For long lashes, reach for a mascara labeled “lengthening.” With a couple of swipes, you can go from short, stubby lashes to ones that are so long they almost look fake!

If you’re looking for darker lashes, pick up a mascara in black rather than brown or grey. Even if you’re a natural blonde or redhead, dark eyelashes are always in style, so don’t shy away from bolder shades. Darker mascara also has the effect of making eyelashes appear thicker – apply a swipe of eyeliner to really seal the deal.

Many different brands of mascara purport to curl eyelashes, either using a special formula or a unique brush. Lashes that curl upwards make your eyes look bigger and rounder, but if you can’t achieve this look with mascara, an eyelash curler could be a worthwhile purchase. Use the curl after you apply mascara and hold for several seconds to make sure the curl sticks.

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