Fingers, sponges, pads, brushes – which applicator should you use when you’re putting on foundation? This handy guide will help you decide which tool is right for you.

When it comes to liquid foundation, it’s not uncommon for women to apply their makeup with their fingers, but most experts discourage this method. Your fingers often contain natural oils and bacteria that can clog your pores and cause acne blemishes to flare up, so if you want a flawless complexion, you’re better off using a sponge – but be sure to use a clean one. A package of disposable sponges can be purchased easily at any drugstore so you never have to reuse them. Many matte or creme foundations come with their own small pads or sponges that can used to apply them to the skin, as well.

When it comes to powder foundations, you have two choices – puffs or brushes. Puffs are ideal for powdering on the go – they provide even coverage and are unlikely to scatter foundation dust on your blouse or pants while you apply. If you prefer, a thick brush will also work well when looking for even, flawless powder coverage over your entire face.

A great look starts with the right tools, so make sure you know which one is right for your foundation.

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