If you’re wondering, like we are, what a Jessica Rabbit manicure would look like, there’s good news for all. Deborah Lippmann is coming out with an exclusive shade of polish for the 2011 holiday season inspired by the cartoon seductress, and it’s bound to cause quite a stir.

“I used the largest pieces of glitter possible to create this polish,” Lippmann told Allure.com.

According to the news source, the shade will feature a Hollywood-red vibe with equally bright red sparkles that recall Jessica Rabbit’s legendary strapless dress in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Of course, the product won’t be available until later this year. If patience is not your greatest strength, you can help yourself wait it out with equally eye-catching nail polish shades from the Lippmann Collection including Ruby Red Slippers, Happy Birthday and Across the Universe. Look for standout polishes with lots of chunks and sparkles to get this riveting, glamorous look – for optimum results, apply to tapered or rounded nails that are a quarter-inch in length.

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  1. I love Glitter nail polish especially Deborah Lippmann glitters. There is so much glitter packed in each bottle and the polish dries so shiny on its own that it does not even really need a top coat. It stays on so well, a little too well but thank goodness for the foil removal technique otherwise I do not know what I would do.

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